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Liquid Castile Soap with Sandalwood powder

Suitable for all skin types

Mild and Clean

Face, body and hair

100% certified organic extra virgin olive oil


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Nomad’s Natural liquid castile soap with Sandalwood powder is made with 100% certified organic extra virgin olive oil without the addition of other oil, additives and preservatives.

Soap made with olive oil has been around for two thousands years, it’s the earliest and mildest soap ever made. While other producer make castile soap with over 70% of olive oil, here only extra virgin olive oil is used.

Clean your skin necessarily but not excessively.



Add 250ml of water into the bottle, it take at least 24 hours to completely dissolve. After 24 hours, you are able to use it. If there’re some soap paste that hasn’t dissolve at the bottom of the bottle afterwards, it’s still possible to use it, as it will eventually dissolve over time.

Pump a small amount of the liquid on your palm and rub it till lather, then wash your face with it. Do the same on your body and hair.

Come with a pack of natural sandalwood powder, to exfoliate skin gently. Just add a small pinch on your palm, then the liquid soap, and scrub it on your face or body.


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