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Lite Serum Moisturiser

Suitable for Oily, Combination & Normal skin

Lightweight & Easily absorbed

Antioxidant & Anti-inflammation powerhouse

Pores and Skin re-conditioning

Regulate Sebum production

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This natural oil is good for skin, even for the oily one!

Lite is a serum moisturiser, delivering its goodness with its small oil molecules. It doesn’t stay on top of your skin, but penetrate deep into your inner skin layer.

Fractionated coconut oil is light and moisturising, it helps to deliver other ingredients into your skin. Oily and dry skin will find this ingredient extremely useful, as it get moisture-up but sebum down to an appropriate level.

Sandalwood seed oil is effective in reducing excess sebum production, while also reduce the skin dryness. This is a duo function that is extremely useful for combination skin. Besides, it’s also rich in the rare ximenynic acid that has high anti-inflammatory potential. This oil is rarely use outside the Australian aboriginal communities, but now you can!

Frankincense essential oil, is an astringent, thus able to minimize the enlarged pores and against the acne outbreak. In short, it will improve the pores condition for a smoother skin. Frankincense is also known for its healing properties. Fine lines appearance will shy away and the skin ability to regenerate itself will improve. Antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties are among the major properties for this essential oil.

Get radiant and glow with smooth and balance skin!



Use about 7 drops, and pat uniformly on you entire face. Another 7 drops on your neck.


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