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Oily & Combination Skin set

All you need for Oily, Combination and Blemish skin



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Liquid Castile Soap with Sandalwood powder is a perfect cleanser for this kind of skin, made with organic extra virgin olive oil. Excessive cleansing will strip off too much moisture in our skin, worsening the condition. Eventually, skin become oilier, drier, more sensitive and acne-prone. We need a cleanser that is strong enough for a clean skin, but mild enough to nourish it. This product come with a pack of natural sandalwood powder, to exfoliate skin gently. Just add a small pinch of sandalwood powder on your palm, then add the liquid  soap, and scrub it on your face or body. Do add 250 ml of water into the bottle, the soap paste in it will dissolve for about 24 hours. You can use it afterwards.

Lite serum moisturiser is light-weight and have a high skin penetration rate. It’s an oil with small molecules, thus it’s readily absorbed by the skin. Natural oil does not make skin oily, but less so. It moisturise and nourish, from the deeper to the outer skin layer. Reducing excessive sebum production, yet providing moisturisation at the same time, a perfect solution for oily or combination skin. Enlarged pores will be re-conditioned for a smoother skin. It’s also has strong anti-aging benefit and abundant of antioxidant properties to keep the free radicals away, for a healthy and resilient skin.


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